Limited Edition Watch Series ​Tag Heuer Formula 1 Mclaren Chronograph Replica

Red. The colour of speed, of challenge, of victory, of passion. Passion for motor racing, like that which runs in the veins of TAG Heuer Mens Replica, like that which drives its relationship with McLaren. 30 years this year. To mark this occasion, the Swiss replica watch brand is releasing a numbered limited edition of the TAG Heuer Formula 1 chronograph. In red, of course.

Men have always been fascinated by speed, time and challenges. The phrase ‘boys and their toys’ is often used to describe the relationship between a man and his favorite machines. And, automobiles are invariably the first passion of many men. These men obsessions are appropriately manifested in the strong connection that the world of replica watchmaking has with motor racing. And leading the race is the renowned replica watchmaker Tag Heuer Formula 1 Mclaren Chronograph Replica, ever since the time when Jack Heuer first made a deal with Enzo Ferrari to be the official timing partner for Ferrari’s F1 cars and its drivers in the 1970s. Many of us have fond memories of the Heuer logo, which was placed on the nose of the Ferrari that Niki Lauda took to two world championships.

"Rocket Red", to be precise; the tomato red inspired by McLaren's 1985 campaign. It can be found on the aluminium bezel which features the tachometer function, engraved with McLaren. There are also hints of it on the flange, notably the number "30" on the minute track, a nod to this highly symbolic anniversary. And, finally, it is featured on the Rocket Red and Black NATO strap. This highly resilient strap lends the piece a resolutely sporty look. It encircles the wrist, ensuring a comfortable fit for all. "TAG Heuer" is hot-stamped underneath, and the keepers, buckle and pin are made from 316L stainless steel. Both the ends of the strap and the buckle holes are laser-cut to ensure a high-quality finish. The quartz chronograph movement is accurate to a tenth of a second, displayed on the small counter at 6 o'clock, with the chronograph minute counter at 9 o'clock and the current seconds counter at 3 o'clock; These three small snailed counters contrast with the opaline black dial, giving an impression of speed as they reflect back the light. The case back pays tribute to the TAG Heuer – McLaren partnership in incredible style: it features a profile view engraving of an MP4 from 1985.