Let Us Review The Omega Globemaster Annual Calendar Replica

Over the years, Omega Men's Replica has reissued everything from the MKII Speedmaster to the Seamaster 300, and even the weird and polarizing Bullhead that I still have a weird soft spot for. Last year brought the 3-hand date model of the Globemaster and the first movement to receive Master Chronometer certification, making it the most accurate Omega ever produced. This year, the Globemaster added a clever annual calendar complication, a change in dial color, and a 2mm bump up in case diameter (bringing it up to 41mm over the previous 39). It boasts the same cutting edge features in its movement as the 2015 release did, a co-axial escapement, silicon balance spring.

My initial take on Omega Globemaster Annual Calendar Replica was that the Meteorite Speedy would be my top pick, however the Speedy proved too large for my liking after a few days of wear. I didn’t get too close a look at the Globemaster in Basel, but after reviewing the press imagery I thought it might win me over.
Omega Globemaster Annual Calendar Caseback

A lot of folks who aren’t overly familiar with Omega’s history were brutally quick to jump on the brand’s back for “ripping off Rolex” by using a fluted bezel. We didn’t get into it much when first mentioning the launch of the Globemaster or Annual Calendar, but Omega had a few variations of the Constellation back in the day that used a fluted bezel (seen here via Omegaforums.net), so to neglect their history is unfortunate. If you want to get even more nerdy, the fact that the bezel is made of ultra high-polish tungsten, and the fluting is much tighter on the Omega than it is on any current Rolexes makes them that much more different than one another.