Simple And Good Looking Classic Omega De Ville Replica Watch

Yellow gold Omega replica watches!? Not a whole lot these days as I think we’re more used to the all stainless steel fake Omega watches and this is mainly because like any other high-end luxury watches brand it’s always the more sporty models that are more popular. Still, there are pieces like this yellow gold Omega De Ville fake watch that steal your attention every now and then. I have to thank my uncle for asking for such a piece and making me look for it.

He’s a happy guy now that much I can say and I’m glad I get to show you guys a best swiss replica watches online Omega watch in this article.

Simple and good looking classic Omega fake watch. Yellow gold plated case and Roman numerals really add up to the classic vintage look of this watch. It’s a day piece as you can see it has no lume on the hands or any of the markers. The other markers actually have stones so there’s your clear statement for a high-end luxury Omega De Ville replica watch. Automatic movement gives the small seconds hand at 6 o’clock a nice sweeping motion and the blue dial is just amazing.

This yellow gold and blue dial combination that Omega chose for this particular piece totally kills it and makes it look so real and expensive while still keeping a very classic classy feel. It’s a medium case watch so it’ll be more preferred by those of you that like smaller cases just like my uncle.

Thickness is good though so overall the watch has a good weight and feel and it’s solid. Bracelet is good quality brown alligator imitation and that helps make the watch stand out even more. I’ve seen it with a paid of matching dress shoes and it hit the sport right there and then.

Check out some more pics and feel free to give me your thoughts on this piece, my uncle is curious of what you guys think of it too as so far this is his favorite piece out of his replica watches collection.