Take A Look At The Cartier Panthères et Colibri Replica

Cartier Panthères et Colibri replica watch is a spectacular high jewelry piece which is dressed in a rhodium-finish 18-carat white gold case encrusted with 314 brilliant-cut diamonds.

Underneath the front sapphire glass lies a black diamond-studded background of the dial that features a filigree of wild plants. The fully gem-set bezel nicely rounds the dial surface thus adding a contrasting halo of light. The replica watch also boasts a very interesting complication.

Time telling is not the highest priority of this feminine Cartier replica mens watch. Instead, the dial shows a panther with a hummingbird above (“colibri” is French word for hummingbird). Pressing the crown activates the dial animation – a pink gold baby panther emerges from beneath its mother, whilst the hummingbird ascends along an arc, with the distance it travels to escape the pouncing infant showing the power reserve indication.