The President Eisenhower’s Gold Rolex DateJust 6305 Mens Replica

President Eisenhower’s Gold Rolex DateJust 6305 replica watch was up for auction some time ago in September 2014. This DateJust 6305 is definitely one of the most famous Rolex replica watches of all time. One that is associated with and worn by a highly special and important person such as 5 Star General Dwight D. Eisenhower who later become US President. He was also featured on the cover of Life Magazine with his Gold Rolex DateJust 6305. The replica watch gave birth to the name later known as ‘President’ concept of today’s permanent Rolex President fame. It is known that Rolex does not simply give out all gold timepieces, but only to those that are of most noble individuals. Other non WWII generals seen wearing similar yellow gold replica watches include Dr Martin Luther Kind Gold Rolex DateJust.

With such significance for history it was a shock to many Rolex enthusiast that the auction did not pull through. It was probably due to the ‘low’ $475,000 bid which did not meet the undisclosed reserve price. Had it been sold it could be one of the most expensive Rolex replica watches, with prices hitting at least $1 million or higher (Perhaps even breaking Rolex Paul Newman Daytona 6263 and other Most expensive Rolex record)

However, the non-auction on the President Eisenhower’s Gold Rolex DateJust 6305 is not indicative of other high-end vintage replica watches at large. So what is the President 18k Gold Rolex DateJust story?

The Rolex President 18k Gold DateJust was presented to General Dwight D. Eisenhower as a gift from Rolex, marking their 150,000th production of chronometer-certified replica watch. It was done so in recognition of Eisenhower for his great deeds during the second world war. The Gold Rolex DateJust reference 6305 chronometer also comes with a matching 18k gold Jubilee bracelet with deployment clasp.

It was Rolex’s practice for this type of honoring to other heros of World War 2. The officially certified 50,000th Swiss Chronometer went to Swiss General Henri Guisan, and the 100,000th was presented to Winston Churchill. It was later agreed by Rolex and General Eisenhower for the 200,000th to be honored to General Matthew Ridgway.

A highly skilled craftsman was hired by Rolex to engrave General Eisenhower’s Rolex DateJust, with his initials “DDE”, plus the markings of a 5 star general. On the caseback, is the date “12-19-1950”. The date tat NATO appointed him as Supreme Allied Commander of Europe. Personalized to such details that even the claps of the gold jubilee bracelet has his initials engraved.

At this time of presentation, General Eisenhower was already a well respected figure and has support for a run at the White House. After WWII ended in 1951, Eisenhower went for Presidency. He was later said to have worn his DateJust throughout his presidential tenure.

Since then, President Eisenhower has became something of a media sensation, and has appearance on four cover issues of Life Magazine. The 21 July 1952 issue featured him with his Gold Rolex DateJust 6305 on his left wrist.

You can read up more about Eisenhower in the Paperback book: “Eisenhower in War and Peace“.

In appreciation of Sgt. John Moaney’s 30 years service to Eisenhower as his personal valet, President Eisenhower’s gave his precious President Eisenhower’s Gold Rolex DateJust 6305 to him, just before his Eisenhower’s death.Eisenhower described him as Sgt Moaney as “Indispensable to him”. Sgt Moaney later left the Rolex DateJust to his wife, Delores Moaney. She served as a personal cook to the Eisenhowers family for years.

The couple continued lived closely with the Eisenhowers and even stayed in their personal residences during all post-presidential years. Around 30 years ago, the replica watch was sold by Delores Moaney to a well known collector Raleigh DeGeer Amyx. Degeer Amyx, now 76 can no longer maintain the size of his collection. Thus, decided to auction it off together with several other items owned by President Eisenhower (WWII Brown leather flight jacket, Eisenhower painting, Binoculars, etc).

The President Eisenhower’s Gold Rolex DateJust 6305 appearance has made a big wave in the Rolex Enthusiast community. According to Livingston, many “experts think it is the most important Rolex replica watch ever made.” Had it been sold at the ‘reserved price’, it could be one of the most expensive Rolex replica watches. Perhaps even breaking Rolex Paul Newman Daytona 6263 and other Most expensive Rolex replica watches record.